Google Chromebooks

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Technology in the classroom is no longer a “nice to have”, it is a necessary component in the education of our children, preparing them for a tech-based world where keyboarding will take the place of cursive and coding will be the required language of tomorrow’s international workplace.  Piedmont has always been a leader in education and technology is no different.  We will spend the coming years working to bring a thoughtful, one-on-one technology program to our classrooms, where our children will be able to navigate the Internet safely and learn to rely on Chromebooks to obtain a broader understanding of our world.

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Chromebooks Provide:

  • Easy sharing among different users, requiring no individual user set-up
  • An online learning environment where undesirable sites and apps can be blocked
  • Access to homework, collaborative projects and learning applications, anytime and everywhere, just by signing in
  • Easy to manage and maintain machines that are free from viruses and malware, with no security patches or upgrades needed